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Corporate Profile
Corporate data and organization .

History of TELNITE
From the foundation to present.

Office Location
Head Office, Tokyo Technical Center, Sakata Factory and other sales offices .


Domestic Activities


Well drilling fluids, sales & engineering
Manufacture & sales of mud materials for oil wells, water wells, hot spring wells etc . and providing of technical service relating above drilling .

Civil engineering chemicals, sales & engineering
Manufacture & sales of various materials for diaphragm wall , cast in place pile, shield tunneling , pipe jacking , and the other construction methods using soil-cement . And also the lease of plants and equipments is available .

Waste treatment chemicals, sales & engineering
Manufacture & sales of reagents for the recycling of soils from dredging work or civil engineering .

Research Activities


Research Activities

Research and development relating to new mud system , treatment of used mud materials , new chemicals for civil engineering and environmental works, and new materials for agricultural use utilizing humic acid .


Contact Us


Contact Us

You can contact us by E-mail.